Ultra Violent Rays chose their name after hearing a story about Mayan shamans creating light through vocal harmonics. They emphasize sonic experimentation in their live show and their studio recordings. 

“Black shades, low-light music videos, Bukowski quotes on their Twitter page… bassist/loop operator/vocalist Cooper Gillespie and drummer/sequencer Greg Gordon have taken a sharp, pop-scented pen to their gothtronica sketches, and come out with something tight yet stylish…” - The Stranger

Gordon and Gillespie layer hip hop beats, dream pop melodies, dark wave synths, a healthy obsession with Science Fiction and ethereal vocals to create a sound all their own.

They like to call their music "space pop". The band is happiest on the road and has toured extensively.  When not on the road, Ultra Violent Rays return to their home on the Ninth Planet. 


"Cooper Gillespie and Greg Gordon sound a bit like the result of PORTISHEAD and Siouxsie Sioux making love while Blade Runner is on." -Nothing But Hope And Passion

“Female fronted, spacey sounding electro pop that's dark, sexy and danceable? Yes, please! Our indie rock wishes have been granted." The Source Weekly

Comparable to Phantogram, Portishead, and Massive Attack, The Ultra Violent Rays inhabit the moody middle ground between electronic music and dark indie pop." – HeadyTunes.co

"Dwelling deep in Nick’s Cave, they come off like that reserved yet oddly inviting goth couple in your neighborhood. You know, the ones with the black curtains and black cats milling about. You’re not sure you should ever ring their bell, but oddly enough, they’re the ones whose house you’ll run to when it’s late at night and you’re quickening your step home because someone is following you a little too close and you can’t find your keys." -The Portland Tribune

"Their songs shimmer and glow like digital reality, with Gillespie's voice floating in pools of reverb over downtempo electro-beats and the purr of synthesizers. But it is a dark and dystopic future vibrating forth from their amps, with a sound equal parts The Knife and Joy Division.”  -The Rogue Valley Messenger